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New site to feature what’s popular among web surfers
You knew Lycos Top 50 and Yahoo Buzz, now there’s Speedle. Hotlinks could do the same since they have this handy "Email Link" button on their toolbar.
Update: I spammed the site (by e-mailing Web Voice to myself then forwarding it to my girlfriend) to see what happens. Probably not much. I’m now in the top links for the last hour, since nobody uses the site just yet. Speedle is even unknown to Google.
05/31/01 update: now Speedle appears in Google, as well as some mentions on other sites. See also: Understanding Online Message Dissemination.
06/13/01 update: Watching Fireflies.
07/07/01 update: Google Zeitgeist – "Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google". 07/08/01 update: Google Takes Web’s Pulse, with Surprising Results.
12/18/01 update: Yahoo Tries Mining Gold From Web Data.
12/20/01 update: Ask Jeeves Reveals Top Questions Report for Year 2001.
12/21/01 update: Google Zeitgeist 2001 timeline.
06/14/02 update: CNet Buzz Meter.

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