Next-Generation Computing: P2P Shows the

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Next-Generation Computing: P2P Shows the Way (free registration required)
"Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing has gained tremendous popularity following the rise of Napster. In fact, it is becoming the "next big thing" in the Internet world. Numerous start-ups are developing applications based upon P2P technology and working to build the foundations of P2P infrastructure. Venture capitalists have begun to invest millions of dollars in P2P start-ups, especially those building core P2P infrastructure components. What is the P2P hype all about and how should companies be thinking about this technology?"
Mainspring gives more real content for free than most other strategy consulting firms.
04/20/01 update: speaking of Mainspring, IBM is buying them. 05/09/01 update: More matchmaking ahead for e-consultants?

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