No more free music? I’m

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No more free music?
I’m a bit astonished I downloaded 60 albums in the last 48 hours. Albums, as in 600+ songs. They were oh so clever to attack Napster, so people had to look for more powerful, less controllable alternatives such as Winmx (hint: if you don’t trade, you’ll get kicked!)
A small sample of what I took: stuff from A Perfect Circle, Aphex Twin, Deftones, Built to Spill, Cocteau Twins, Death Cab for Cutie, Eels, Mudvayne, Squarepusher, Two Lone Swordsmen, …
Did I mention two movies too?
Now I have to stop being lazy and switch to discovering more jazz beyond the few fusion and hard bop classics I know. Most of the 650 albums I have (if you work for a record company, take it easy, I still have more regular CDs than MP3s) are variations of rock, reggae, funk, rap and electronic music. I’d gladly pay to use the invaluable roots and influence maps at Allmusic.

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