Obligatory (nasty) commentary about Apple: what a great machine for receptionists

Apple is a great brand name and Steve Jobs a clever CEO (I mean that), since they can get people excited about overpriced old technology. Note to Apple: LCD screens look great on the outside but suck where that matters, as everyone who’s got an excellent 19" CRT for the price of a 15" LCD will attest. But hey, there must be a market for people who adjust the position of their screen all day long. It’s well known that many people got harmed by repeatedly trying to move their move their "old-fashioned CRT displays". Doh.
"VIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics processor for photorealistic games and spectacular 3D graphics". Yeah right, that’s enough for your lousy screen (and there are no games for Apple anyway). For non-geeks, the GeForce2 MX chipset belongs in the lower end of the market. My recommendation (based on my current config): an Athlon XP PC with lots of RAM, an ATI Radeon 8500 and dual 19" CRTs (I’m just waiting for that additional piece of cable to run at 1600x1200x2). At least Apple got the mouse right this time (must have figured Hobbits didn’t exist by now). And the DVD writer is not "revolutionary", it’s available elsewhere and not very useful to start with (at the current prices).
It’s a shame since Apple occasionally come with great stuff (Airport, Firewire), only to dilute them in fashion statements they price out of the market. Do I sound angry? I’m not (I care, but not that much), however "It

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