ODP Editors are bookmarklets fans

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Bookmarklets (in favor at the ODP) are really more than first meets the eye. I’ve been playing with them yesterday and found some great ways to enjoy multi-window browsing at 1600*1200 res (you like the web? Get at least a 19″). I can split my screen in two or three neatly arranged parts with just one click, it’s so much more practical than using Windows’ resizing functions.

Two things I’m researching: how to create a toolbar with all my bookmarklets that I could synchronize between different computers, and how to use toolbar icons stored on the web. Now that I converted all my bookmarks to Backflip, I hate having to reconfigure my browser on different PCs in order to get my full-flavah, powah usah experience (webonics is one of these words I thought I coined till I tried it in a search engine).

I’ll also check whether Athoc toolbars allow user-defined buttons. Their Yahoo! Companion very conveniently keeps its settings in sync on the server (=same custom toolbar everywhere). If I come up with something I’ll let you know.

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