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O’Reilly Network: 24 Hours With a Wireless Palm Vx
"A copy of the Blogger Wireless Edition was also pre-installed. This innovative PDA app allows you to post and read blogs on your Palm. With the wireless edition, you could literally blog while commuting on public transportation or waiting for your lunch to arrive in a crowded restaurant. The wireless edition offers a subset of functionality found at www.blogger.com: account creation, blog creation, posting, editing, publishing, and a directory of blogs suitable for viewing on a PDA. For content providers on the go, this functionality alone could justify the investment for the wireless package."
Not to throw oil on some old fire, but shouldn’t this (otherwise interesting) article disclose that O’Reilly invested in Pyra? This article is quoted on Blogger‘s front page right now, which looks like self-served (if indirect) publicity. I have nothing against plugs but we (the web logging community, if such a thing exists) would be the first to scream if MSNBC failed to disclose its affiliation to Microsoft and GE.
03/07/01 update: Evan Williams used to work at O’Reilly software.
As I hinted in an update to my post about the "Yahoo nazi case", I’m not at ease with the idea that small private companies could get away with lower integrity standards than big public corporations. Of course the later have a lot more firepower and a tendency to abuse it, so they deserve more scrutiny. But morally speaking, it’s difficult to require more from others than from yourself.
11/11/02 update: Den Beste on the latest claims by the EU, no doubt inspired by a Communist French law, that expressing some opinions is a crime.

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