Orkut, an ASP.NET Application Using Squid?

A few minutes ago I was getting an error while trying to logon at Orkut. Ain’t it strange that Login.aspx spits out this:
"Generated Wed, 05 May 2004 21:15:34 GMT by www.orkut.com (squid)"
Squid on NT? Well, actually, yes. But isn’t .NET good enough to handle caching? It gets more tricky because apparently Orkut runs on Linux. This has been discussed in a few places, but I’d like more meat. Is Orkut using Mono? Is there some tiering at work between application logic running on Windows servers and web server/proxy running on Linux (after all Ebay runs Windows frontend servers and a Unix backbone)? Or is the aspx extension a red herring to keep us guessing? I’m out of my league, please enlighten me.
Speaking of Orkut, for some reason it’s big in Brazil (where blogging is popular too) and Japan. Funny to see big countries from Continental Europe being under-represented. But the Californian roots are still quite visible.

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