“Peace” Demonstrators in Bordeaux Today

How surprising to see the same old extreme leftists (I saw CNT black and red flags again, like in April last year) demonstrating against the "imperialistic war." Thanks for protecting the right of the Iraqi people to be tortured and oppressed without foreign interference. That’s the kind of "peace" the left is notoriously rooting for. I’d gladly buy them one-way tickets to Iraq, to let ’em enjoy the kind of "Hungarian freedom" the US has been protecting them from during the cold war.
This is the same bullshit they’ve been spouting since the sixties, some people obviously never learn. They preferred to be wrong with (Jean-Paul) Sartre than right alongside (Raymond) Aaron at the time, and sympathy for the dictator is showing its ugly face again. Saw a Kurd Iraqi writer confront a Socialist politician today on TV. (Let me paraphrase from memory) "you peace activists are well intentioned, but tell me how you propose to get the Iraqis rid of Saddam after all the deaths he’s already responsible of?" Of course he got no answer, simply because the "give peace a chance" side has none.

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