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Pivia (random stealth startup of the day)
"The biggest product issues facing websites today are improving Quality of Services (a.k.a. "speed") and providing a more personalized and relevant user experience. Until now pushing the boundary along one of these dimensions meant compromising on the other.
Pivia is focused on solving this speed versus personalization conundrum."
Looking at their job offers, I guess caching is part of the game. Personalization can grow into performance problems due to the heavy use of dynamic pages. MyYahoo is quite quick (contrarily to Yahoo! Mail). I wonder whether Yahoo! caches blocks of my personalized content so that they assemble my page from static files. Does is make sense to preprocess millions of HMTL pieces in order to serve them faster? Wouldn’t that consume even more resources to store and manage these than to retrieve and process everything on the fly?
I found this company (which already changed its name) on David McCusker’s blog (it took me some time to figure out this one, commented by fictional selfs, peers, minions and seniors!) Some thoughtful commentary here. "It’s so easy to live one’s future in order to justify the past. But this doesn’t give one many options. The past owns you."
Remember insiders will tell you just what they want you to know (that’s how you start the hype, tell a little bit and let people speculate about the rest.)

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