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A Plastic visitor cites Ironminds and wonders how much backlash the site will get from the "noncommercial Weblogs". Digging up some stuff already seen everywhere else three months ago (eg. amateur porn with dreadful interiors) doesn’t bode well.
A site that defines itself as "a live collaboration between the Web’s smartest readers and the Web’s smartest editors" both insults its readers (isn’t gross flattery insulting?) and indulges in extreme auto-satisfaction at the same time. If we’re so smart, why do we need editors in the first place? Aren’t we smart enough to publish directly, rather than suggest news items and see if they get through editorial screening? And how do you know your readers are smart when you just got started?
04/29/01 update: instructing rant at Ironminds. Here’s what Plastic says to its advertisers: "Let create an interest specific channel just for your marketing needs."

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