Progress on the mp3 Metatagging Front

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I’ve mentioned Helium a couple of times as my favorite music management app. It still has a few flaws but the developers are working on it:

  • BPM automatic calculation (great for Tracktor DJs, this feature doesn’t work well right now)
  • External data queries to retrieve artist info, style, tone and more from and other sources.
    Other interesting related apps:
  • MP3tag can be used to rename files based on their tags, which is useful if you’re taking files with long truncated names from CD-R to hard drive. (Helium does that too but maybe you don’t care to buy it.)
  • The Godfather handles richer external queries than Helium right now.
  • Winamp 5 is said to be much better than the bloated 3.0.
    04/02/04 update: key data (as in B#, Gb) is missing, some DJs subscribe to Camelot Sound Services to know what tracks will mix harmonically.
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