Publishers Contributing to Open Source Projects, Maintaining APIs

I’ve put together lists of teams and people working at the intersection of news publishing, data, visualization, and online/mobile/software development to get a better sense of who talks the talk and who walks the walk. There’s a strong UK presence, while some organizations are missing that you’d expect might want to show up.

This would deserve some analysis (anyone up to datamine Open Source Report Card?), maybe later.

1. Github repositories from news orgs

More githubs from blogs/mags/web natives

Outside of US/UK

  • Le Monde
  • Libération
  • Mediapart
  • Journalism++ (pan-European data journalism agency)
  • I made a couple quick Google queries for major German and Spanish news orgs, didn’t find anything formally coming from organizations but I’m sure I must have missed individual contributors

I bet there’s more, please let me know and I’ll update this entry.

2. Twitter list focused on developers, product managers, data journalists, visualizers, and other people closely associated  to the evolution of news through digital tools.  (Update: I found out later about news-hackers and I should also mention Hacks & Hackers).

3. News APIs

See also

If you’re working at a publisher already involved in open source projects or seeking to leverage open source software, don’t hesitate to connect with me.

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