Quick Web Dev Link Dump Drifting into Media Center Plans

Yes, yes, I’ll eventually get to use del.icio.us and integrate it with my weblog. In the meantime, here’s a quickie:

Is this space getting busier or what?
Anyway, younger people might want to contrast the 5GB of storage space provided for free by Furl with the 10 grands paid for a 10GB hard drive to get Excite started a decade ago. Which reminds me, I have less than 80GB of free space left out of 600GB spread across 4 drives, which means I’ll have to add another drive within the next six months or so (hmm, ok, there’s probably 50GB or so still free on my girlfriend’s PC which will cut me some slack for another quarter).
But what I really see coming is a dedicated mini PC connected to my Roland TD8 edrums and to a yet-to-be purchased projector (say, an Infocus X2 [*] or 4805?) and 5.1 sound system. The idea is to enjoy and produce audio and video, as well as play games, in one place. I’d like to remove games and video codecs and whatnot from my work PC to guarantee its responsiveness (the only media I’d still play on that PC would be music since I pretty much listen to music all day long).
One nagging issue is fan noise since PCs (even the small form factors) and projectors (at least in the entry level price range I’m willing to pay for) tend to be noisy. I’d also need a keyboard that can glow in the dark since projectors don’t have enough contrast to be used in daylight, and I’ll buy another PC remote. Since the cheapest projectors only do 800×600, I need to investigate whether they can be used as a secondary monitor in dual screen mode. Finally, is Windows Media Center 2005 going to be available to people who assemble their PCs themselves? There’s no way I’m going to buy an overpriced piece of crap from HP (or another brand name for that matter).
[*] Look at this fun feature at Amazon: "What similar items do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item?". Some vendors aren’t going to like this, though the feature doesn’t work for all products.

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