Quotetracker Keeps Improving

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It’s been a couple of years since I last played with Quotetracker ("a Windows program that provides streaming real-time quotes, Live intraday charts with Technical Indicators, Level II quotes, Time and Sales, alerts, news monitoring, and everything else you may need to effectively trade in today’s market") so I’m glad to see it’s still alive and kicking, with new releases churned out frequently. This is the kind of application where the browser (in the current state of affairs) can’t compete.
Here’s what’s new in the latest beta. For some reason I can get real time quotes through my TDW account but I can’t log in to trade. I hope it’s only a temporary problem. Question of the day: is it time to short IPIX now that squeezed shorts have pumped up the stock? It’s tempting, but the danger with shorts is timing. The Days to Cover had been increasing strongly as of lately (above 5 days as of mid March, hence the squeeze), but I wonder how to get the same information in real time.
Update: I tried to short 100 IPIX at $21.9, but my broker can’t find shares to borrow to execute the trade, so I guess there still are many shorts out there.
04/14/04 update: I could borrow 100 shares at $19.4 today, now (after hours), they lost $5 a share. Hopefully I can buy to cover at $12 or less tomorrow, for some fast, easy pocket money. Viwes.com used to provide short interest data, but they stopped doing so last year.

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