Coexisting with Email

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Ray Ozzie’s interview by Jon Udell:

“Jon: How can Groove best co-exist with the current e-mail habit, while at the same time reforming that habit?

Ray: As you are subtly implying, the best co-existence strategy is one of integration. And, as you say, this is specifically why we’ve embraced e-mail as a key mechanism for invitation into Groove shared spaces. That said, two mechanisms are available — albeit currently in prototype form — that will assist in bringing e-mail-based users into collaboration with Groove shared space users.”

Zaplet also integrates with e-mail (as is Blogger about to). It’s essential to recognize the tools most people use now, in order to eat the apple from within. Many of my friends and relatives are still stuck with POP3 e-mail accounts provided by their ISPs without a web front-end. The bit literacy Mark Hurst likes to speak about remains mostly to be spread.

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