Relaunching the BizNetTravel Blog

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This week I’ve been taking over the blog from my buddies Rick Bruner and Steve Hall who are too busy with respectively a new job and posting like crazy at AdRants. I might take it into a slightly different direction, though I don’t know yet what that is. It’s pretty transparent that the blog’s goal is to attract customers for my client Andras Revesz, since it’s integrated directly within his site (Rick’s idea, which I believe is the proper execution). There’s another blog just for special travel deals which is more challenging to make interesting to read.
In both cases if the content doesn’t generate leads and sales it’s ultimately failing at its job, but people are not going to go there to read ads either. It might be tempting to focus on travel tips and practical advice rather than news and offbeat links, but on the other hand there are only so many tips you can provide and this ain’t very exciting anyway. Please read us there for a while and tell me how we’re doing.

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