ResearchBuzz Extra: Subscribe Today! “You

ResearchBuzz Extra: Subscribe Today!
"You know ResearchBuzz is a free weekly newsletter covering developments and news in the world of online research. It is free; you can subscribe by using the signup form on the left side of the page.
But maybe you want a little bit more… ResearchBuzz Extra offers even more to help make you an effective and savvy Internet researcher:
1) The regular ResearchBuzz newsletter sans ads;
2) An additional newsletter answering questions from subscribers on how to find things online, with step by step discussion, hints and tips. The newsletter will also contain news and commentary on the world of Internet research.
ResearchBuzz Extra costs $20 a year, with a special $15 price for students, educators, and librarians. It is for personal use only. There is a corporate version of ResearchBuzz Extra available."
Think about how much time you can waste by not knowing how to search stuff online.

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