Riffing on Groove and Userland

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Riffing on Groove and Userland RU – What’s great with the web is it’s an outstanding place to find “outsourced thinking”. I’d like to think about some issues but don’t always have the time, and I’ll often find some people that already have done the right thinking (this discussion for instance.)

As Dave Winer writes in this thread, “The Web already has all this great stuff called “content.” Groove looks good for its ability to let small teams gather and share easily, but I’m not sure how much it can grow beyond that. Who wants more content hidden just because of closed formats? How many unindexed Powerpoints are just a click too far on the web today? Groove relies on XML yet the major search engines fail to support anything but guesswork looking at HTML pages.

Of course Groove could succeed as a practical and secure gated community container, but I feel the challenge is now to allow massive cooperation. Can small, separate, protected teams succeed if confronted to larger, open communities?

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