RSS native parsing in the next Firebird

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Matt Haughey has a screenshot and it makes a lot of sense. Or you can wait till Longhorn’s release in 200? to have browser-based RSS support (snort). Could Newsgator use Outlook’s sidepane to achieve the same result? You would turn Auto-preview on to get the first line of each entry based on the RSS feed, then see it in the site’s content in the preview pane.
RSS is great but all that text sometimes makes me feel I’m stuck in Gopher. Rather than take more and more HTML into feeds, which at some point defeats the whole purpose, I’d like web rendering that’s integrated with my RSS reading experience (rather that clicking through, which sometimes take forever in Outlook). And I want this to happen in my email/contact client or in the browser, not in another application. I just don’t like the idea of using a separate news client (scratch that, I don’t like the experience, not just the idea, since I’ve been there already).
Update: it’s an extension rather than something that comes in Firebird, but it doesn’t change my point.

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