Search engines need serious fixing

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Search engines need serious fixing
See these search results on the US Census web site. Can they make them less useful? Mercifully, there’s a better dedicated site.
I bought the domain a while ago to launch a campaign against such blatant usability issues, but never got to do it due to a need to refocus on doing less things, and trying to do them better (however well you multitask, there is a time cost every time you task switch. And 24-hour days don’t help either. I really wanna be an immortality early adopter once it hits the market.)
Still, some finger-pointing, coming with advice on how to fix things (there’s no shortage on free resources on these issues) might help. If the idea sounds interesting to someone, I’d be glad to share thoughts and start a collaboration, but I just can’t take the lead on that right now. Obviously, I’m not interested in creating another free-for-all bashing spot, but I’d rather see it as a cluetrainish (meaning vocal and direct) resource that raises awareness and educates at the same time.

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