Selling Online by Teaching

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I’m impressed by the work Photoflex, a lighting company, and its partner Olympus did at WebPhotoSchool. This site teaches you what kind of gear you need and how to use it with great showcases spelt out step by step, layman language. This is how to sell technical products to non-technical customers. Don’t talk down to them, don’t promise them the moon, don’t bore them to death with your mumbo jumbo and impossible-to-remember product references, simply educate and empower them.
And put your product in the context of the system it’s going be used within. Explain how things have to be integrated so that you help customers get an end-to-end experience without stumbling blocks. As I’m getting more into digital audio, I’m finding a lot more help from community sites and forums which are filling the gap left by self-obsessed vendors such as Roland.
04/24/04 update: Ableton has this good tutorial about digital DJing.

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