SEOmoz on a $1M runrate?

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If they really do have 2,000 Pro members at $49/mo or $399/year, that’s around $1M/year provided there’s not egregious churn and depending on the monthly vs. yearly mix (I suspect there’s a majority of monthly subscriptions). Those are their self-reported numbers but the service seems well executed and I have no reason to doubt their data. Impressive in just a year (here’s a post about their premium launch), as is the conversion rate out of their 70,000 member base. They do a good job at spelling out the value of their subscription product, in fact I might give it a shot. It’s refreshing to see people who don’t buy the hype about ad revenue trees growing to reach the sky. See also some notes on how they built up traffic those last couple of years.
07/01/10 update: SEOmoz’s Venture Capital Process

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