Some Flickr Stats

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From this Salon article:

  • 176,000+ members
  • 2.2+ million photos growing at the rate of about 30,000 a day
  • 82% of the pictures on the site are publicly available

01/03/05 update: Uploading Mayhem: We feel your pain!:

  • "The number of images uploaded has tripled over the past two days, January 1 and 2
  • Normally we serve about 15 million photos a day, now were serving about 30 million
  • About 20 images are uploaded very second; when an image is uploaded, processing it takes a few seconds, because 5 images in different sizes are made, and because we keep live backups on site, each image is each saved onto two different servers"

01/20/05 update: Stewart Butterfield: Growing Pains.

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