Fake Internet-Enabled Democracy Watch: SpeakOut.com

SpeakOut.com, the place where you can make a difference

“We take the traditional market research focus group and political polls and put them online while inviting you to tell politicians, political parties, corporations, marketers and special interest groups how you feel and why. Make your voice heard loud and clear with SpeakOut.com’s new interactive polls.”

I for one don’t want “market research focus group and political polls” put online, that’s not the proper way for us to be heard. We want the Powers that Be to step down from their platforms and start genuine discussions. We won’t be fooled with “see, we listened” tricks and scientifically meaningless polls. The Internet is not about doing old stuff in a more efficient/convenient/cost effective way, it’s about doing things in a new way, or so I wishful think.

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