Swivel Too Little, Too Late, or Just Small Enough?

Enterprise software is so 2001 downturn, witness the Grand Central/Swivel story. These things work in funny, cyclical ways. Expect enterprise software to make a comeback sometime in 2007 when people realize than online advertising/publishing, personal/amateur boom or not, is not a $500B business. Please find me someone excited by podcasting who is not involved in producing or selling them in some way, or the related shovels and picks. (I needed to get my total lack of interest for podcasting out of my system — I try and I try and I try, and I only get suckage in return, so unlike my instant love for blogs 6 years ago).
In the meantime, Swivel might be interesting but it needs to integrate with way more data sources and services to be valuable. Think CJ, Linkshare, Kanoodle, Blogads, Google Analytics, Clicktracks, WordPress, Bronto, Mailman, and probably a dozen others. The problem with integration hubs is that their value proposition collapses when they do only 80% of the job. Data junkies will end up doing everything manually in Excel anyway, and those are the only ones who need such a service in the first place.

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