Terrorism takes the web down (sort of)

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By now I guess you all know about the plane crashes in the US. Most news sites such as MSNBC, ABC or even Liberation in France are down or near-down. CNN switched to barebone html. Everybody is just back to watching TV.
Update: Yahoo seems fast as usual.
I’m appalled.
Update: CNet should come with details on web outings. What’s the defcon status right now? I still didn’t see any body count. No doubt thousands died.
Update: Web Sites Overcome as Surfers Scramble for US News. French TV talks about maximum alert (that would be defcon 1), Startfor mentions an estimate of 10,000 deaths in NY.
Update: I’m not sure about the defcon status, but threatcon delta (maximum alert level vs. terrorist threat) has been declared, as was the case back in June.
10/25/01 update: now that the dust is starting to, um, settle, the death toll is still not exactly known.

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