The Buzz on ‘buzz marketing’ for healthcare

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Health Leaders:

"The basic concept of buzz marketing is one that is familiar to healthcare under the guise of referral marketing. Referral sources play a critical role in how patients are directed to healthcare services, and the art of identifying and influencing key referral sources is a cornerstone of most healthcare marketing plans. Here are some additional healthcare-related applications of buzz marketing in its latest iteration."

I’m not keen on self-medication and medical advice from friends and family as it is, but I can’t imagine a world where I’ll get Viagra-related "recommendations" from people I know (who would be influenced by manipulative marketers). The constant spam is enough already. And hey, I’m young, the plumbing and motivation are still fine, thank you! I’m all for savvy marketing campaigns that get closer to customers, but there’s a line of trust not to cross, for fear of pushing consumers into the ultimate wary and derisive mood, where they wouldn’t even trust the people closest to them (as in "Mum, did someone pay you to recommend these toys to me?").

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