Indian-American Success

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There are many successful Indian businessmen and engineers in the US now: top VCsIndia’s Whiz Kids, Culture of entrepreneurship, The Indians of Silicon Valley, India in Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley `very open’ to Indians, Pakistanis.

How will that affect both the US and India in the long run? I miss the big geostrategic and cultural picture. Will the US and India (+Japan) become strong allies against China (+Pakistan)? I really need to find good sites on these topics.

Will languages change? English is sometimes decried for its invasion into other languages (such as Spanglish, Franglais, German, Chinglish, Engrish), which occurred partially through tech. Will we have Inglish in the future through reverse influence of Indian techies into English? BTW my native language is French so it’s only natural if my phrasing sometimes sounds awkward. But the web might get us used to that too (a bad thing, I’d rather improve myself than level down others.)

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