The problem with the ’00s revival that might happen around 2022…

Is that people who are going to be born two or three years from now, when they’ll be in their late teens, will get to hear covers of already highly derivative early ’00s "nu-metal." I’m convinced "nu" means new in a highly oxymoronic way. At least the 80’s revival that is increasingly going to be inflicted on us is based on New Wave (in the cold/goth meaning) that at the time actually deserved its name. The Cure, Bauhaus or Joy Division weren’t rewarmed 60’s music. If anything, they were its antithesis. Speaking of that era and genre, The Sisters of Mercy is aging rather badly (and had decayed rapidly during their career anyway), but there’s still something to be said about Fields of the Nephilim.
Yet this prediction is unlikely to happen because the record industry as we know it will be long gone twenty years from now, so its obnoxious recycling will go away. There’s a difference between being influenced by other artists, which is the root of art, and fabricating industrialized watered-down carbon copies.

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