The top 20 IT Mistakes to Avoid

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Chad Dickerson and his Infoworld readers come with this list which is a bit uneven but includes common sense tips:
1. Botching your outsourcing strategy
2. Dismissing open source — or bowing before it
3. Offshoring with blinders on
4. Discounting internal security threats
5. Failing to secure a fluid perimeter
6. Ignoring security for handhelds
7. Promoting the wrong people
8. Mishandling change management
9. Mismanaging software development
10. Letting engineers do their own QA
11. Developing Web apps for IE only
12. Relying on a single network performance
13. Throwing bandwidth at a network problem
14. Permitting weak passwords
15. Never sweating the small stuff
16. Clinging to prior solutions
17. Falling behind on emerging technologies
18. Underestimating PHP
19. Violating the KISS principle
20. Being a slave to vendor marketing strategies

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