The Wages of Hate

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Andrew Sullivan:

"The answer, I think, lies in the nature of part of today’s left. It is fueled above all by resentment – resentment of the West’s success, resentment of the freedom to trade, resentment of any person or country, like Israel or Britain or the U.S., that has enriched itself by means of freedom and hard work. […] Ask the average leftist today what he is for, and you will not get a particularly eloquent response. Ask him what he is against, and the rhetorical floodgates open. That tells you something."

Oh so very true. The left has forgotten, if it ever even understood, that before you can redistribute something, that something needs to be produced in the first place. What we have is a left wrapped in its self-proclaimed virtue – which is of course forever tainted by its totalitarian undertones and roots – and short on any specific solutions (that don’t involve stealing money from someone.) The good news is, Socialist doctrine has probably never been as irrelevant worldwide as today. Well, there’s still France (don’t mistake Chirac with someone from the right, please), and Germany, but they’re probably lost for the cause (no wonder, historical cradles of leftist theories that they are.) Thanks to the Anglosphere for saving Western civilization from its enemies from within.

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