Recursive Retrolinking for Profit

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Here’s a very lame attempt at creating a new jargon item (backtrack blog reading didn’t take as of yet.) Recursive retrolinking: the action of linking back to someone who linked to your site after he saw in his referer log you linked to his site. Of course you learn that he linked to you through your own refer log. Doh, my head his spinning, here’s a real life example:

Aaron discovered my site through his referer log. I got notice of his post through mine. So I’m recursively retrolinking him.

Is being associated to “anal retentiveness“, web apps and “getting the web” categories good? I want to steal his meta categorization (alternatively I could nicely ask but that sounds too easy.)

More compulsive idsurfing show I’ve also been Robot Wisdom‘ed today. Thanks. Out of the 300+ people it brought me so far, 5 use Netscape 6. I’m wary downloading it after a few reports I read about its many bugs.

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