This is Intolerable!

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It’s an absolute abuse of power that the new Google toolbar doesn’t let you post to Radio Userland. It’s so unfair.
Ok, I’m just kidding. That’s actually a good idea to be able to post to Blogger from Google’s toolbar. Business is all about building an unfair advantage.
06/27/03 update: I knew it! Dave Winer’s reaction was utterly predictable, but even perfectly reasonable people like Anil have strange ideas about personal property. "Utility company," "regulation"? What’s that nonsense, Google is a private company and your competitor, not a benevolent government agency for chrissakes. One thing to do would be to work with Alltheweb and their toolbar, and let Google look like a closed company and feature laggard. Wishful socialist whining is not going to help. Anil was smarter when he pointed his readers to Google’s feedback bug form, which I filled in as an MT user. Google will listen to customers, not competitors.
In other news, Microsoft won its appeal in the case against Sun, and they won’t be forced to load Java with Windows. Here too, second place is the first loser, and any amount of moaning is not going to change marketplace reality. Yeah, yeah, monopoly blah blah blah, Google and Microsoft rule their markets for good reasons, deal with it.
06/30/03 update: Anil clarifies (he’s not a commie after all!) I took his joke very seriously because I think astroturf agitprop is fun (and I like the phrase "astroturf agitprop" too much not to post it).

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