TiVo’s Next Move

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Matthew Haughey thinks Tivo should provide "last yard bandwidth":

"Imagine setting aside 10% of your TiVo’s storage to keeping 2 or 3 suggested movies ready to play (this would be much less noticable in the new 60 hour units), then selecting them from your Now Playing list, operating some sort of keystroke (like three thumbs up, then select) to confirm you want to pay for it, then watching the movie instantly. No need to schlep down to the Blockbuster and fork three bucks over to the Viacom empire when from my couch, I could pay a few bucks directly to TiVo for instant, ephemeral entertainment. TiVo wouldn’t have to maintain a 24/7 television channel, they’d simply be selling premium content direct to the customer on demand."

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