Towards Seamless Distributed Discussions?

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In this thread other people and I ponder the idea of implementing trackbacks back and forth between Flickr and blogs. Post a photo on your blog, ping the relevant Flickr pages. Comment a picture on Flickr, ping the blog pages that embedded it. That way Flickr and the blog are two facets of the same thing, Flickr being focused on managing pictures while the blog does the same for text. Each has their own community and the trackbacks expose what’s happening on the other side seamlessly. (This reminds me I still have to write the post where I detail how Organizr could become a great blogging client.)
Closer integration would also be welcome in terms of settings, for instance to post to draft if that’s the blog’s default. Oh, and while we’re at it, how about a taxonomy repository to synchronize your Flickr, and MT categories/tags. Hmm, make it a collaborative distributed taxonomy to get a headache.
(No need to mention I didn’t even enable trackbacks yet on this blog, I’m aware of it.)
09/10/04 update: Jeremy Zawodny, Jon Udell, Gary Murphy.
12/29/04 update: Clay Shirky: Notes from ITP: Flickr-as-web-services edition.

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