WaybackMachine exposes web archives, access can be scripted

This internet archive is the hot topic of the day. What’s great – as has been pointed out – is that you can easily access to it through code, since you can send it parameters through the url, just like this (REST rules).
10/29/01 update: Wayback Goes Way Back on Web.
10/31/01 update: How Big Is 100 Terabytes?
01/22/02 update: How the Wayback Machine Works.
02/11/02 update: IT managers brace for the inevitable: petabyte-size databases.
02/16/02 update: Inside Orbitz (ITA Software is, like Google and Alexa, throwing lots of Linux boxes with Gb of RAM to address scalability needs, apparently with much lower costs than mainframes).
02/19/02 update: A Talk With [MS] Database Guru Jim Gray.
11/26/02 update: Way back when (Brewster Kahle interview.)

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