Keeping Track of Website ‘Concepts’

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I wanted to post an idea on a new idea marketplace but the submission process uses a stupid screening system and the link to go to manual submission is broken. So I’ll post it here for the time being, in its edited but still refused form:

Web site ‘concepts’ seem to be like waves. Once there was Ebay, then you have dozens of auction sites, then you have meta auction sites.

I’d like a site that would help us track new web concepts and models. It would be based on a database where people could post new sites, rate them, add relevant links and compare their features. I think massive user contribution is a must, as well as a centralized, clean-defined database.

Think of a Searchenginewatch, Epinions, Open Directory, CDDB and sibling dealing with site concepts.

I understand it’s difficult to nail down concepts with words, but directory sites made a somewhat decent job at categorizing the web so we could start from that and expand the data structure as new concepts arise, eg. create “Idea marketplaces”, put and there.

I do a lot of web competitive research and such a tool would help me a lot. It could also save much duplication from people reinventing the wheel, due to bad research (if my idea already exists the site is well hidden because it never hit my quite active radar). was available as of today if anyone is interested. Anyone raising money on that idea of course owes me a seat on their board with the appropriate indecent stock grant, just for having an idea.

05/02/01 update: has been registered in January, but is not active yet.

1 thought on “Keeping Track of Website ‘Concepts’

  1. Cameron Haley

    I have looked for a site such as the one mentioned above, but never had much luck. I like your concept and the name is perfect. If you still read this post, or receive email regarding it, feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you are still interested in seeing it become a reality.


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