Web Voice Business Model

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Distribution: unashamed, unapologetic linkslutting will build a leveraged network of highly visible partners for free! Now that’s a customer acquisition cost structure you can’t beat.

Unfair sustainable competitive advantage: Since I live in GMT+1, I’ll always wake up earlier than Americans and will become the second most useful site on the web! How about being 9 hours early every day and get the good links first?

Revenue: when our traffic will reach 30 million page views per month, we’ll talk Pyra into sharing some of the blogspot advertising revenue with us. Or at least barter some banners. Come on, be nice.

Now who said you can’t succeed on the web anymore? And “us” is really “me” so talk about a low monthly burn rate!

OK, I admit this kind of humor is Q2-2000 cliche.

Note: WebVoice was how the first iteration of my blog was titled, back when it was hosted on Blogger.

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