Well Done Worldtimebuddy!

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On most weeks I need to schedule meetings in several time zones that literally go from the US West Coast to the Australian East Coast, and I got into the habit of using WorldTimeBuddy whenever I’m in doubt. If you thought daylight savings time was bad, wait until you hear about how it makes the time difference between hemispheres shift as we’re on inverted seasons. Sometimes we’re on Eastern Time in Chile, sometimes one hour ahead, sometimes two hours. It’s confusing and annoying as hell. And if that wasn’t enough, add the fact that Chilean governments love making random changes to when DST kicks in. Shoot me already.

So I found the highlighted embedded notification shown in the screenshot above to be very smart design. It’s displayed where you need it, when you need it (i.e. a few days ahead of the change). The person who designed this knows their users and use case.

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