What can you create on your website that only exists in finite quantities (and why people should care)?

I just read a post on I-Sales about bidding wars on search engine keywords, and it occured to me that Overture’s model is great because there are only so many words in the English language (or any language for that matter), whereas advertising models based on banner inventory have the laws of supply and demand working against them.
With an increasing number of online users spending more hours online on more numerous and bigger web sites, page views and ad impressions derived from them are fighting an uphill battle just to find a buyer, as the quantity of auto-promotion and banner barter proved even before the advertising market bust.
What is it that you can create on your online properties that doesn’t exist elsewhere in almost infinite quantities (we mortal humans have trouble telling the difference between "infinite" and "huge" anyway)? I’m not sure maintream portals

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