What happened to the What’s Your Advice feature?


"Many thanks to all of our customers who participated in the What’s Your Advice? feature by providing thousands of valuable product recommendations. Your advice helps to improve the personalized shopping experience at Amazon.com. Unfortunately, we witnessed some cases of commercial abuse, which violates our usage policy. We are modifying the feature to put controls in place that will make the What’s Your Advice? experience better for you, the customer. Expect to see it back on the Web site soon."

Update: Jason points me to an old copy of the Amazon page about The Story about Ping, a children’s book some nerds had fun reviewing:

"Coming back to this classical work as a Systems Adminstrator I was once again taught about the testing and selflessness of the ping program and am reminded of the complex Oriental philosophies that must be inherent in both the Unix program and the story. Namely we see a harmonious unity in Ping’s journey and return like that of the mysterious Tao as seen in the Tao Te Ching importantly an ellusion to Nietsche’s philosophy of the ‘Eternal return’ seen in our humble hero Ping’s journey.
Presently I serenely understand that upon sending out a packet to an Unknown (in this case a host) I may learn more about not only myself in relationship with Other (the Internet) but also and more importantly who I am to thise Other."

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