What is ArtRage?

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Tablet Painting by Larry Larsen


"is a painting package designed to provide a realistic and fun simulation of using paint on a canvas, along with pens, pencils, crayons, and other tools. You can run ArtRage on a normal Windows machine with a mouse, but it works particularly well if you have a graphics tablet. Even better, running ArtRage on a TabletPC takes advantage of the unique interaction of pen and screen to produce a realistic painting feel."

Thumbnail taken from Larry Larsen (the Multimedia Editor at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies). I have bought a graphics tablet last year, fancying that I’d do some charts and mockups with it, but it didn’t happen, as I find it too hard to draw on it while I look at the screen. It’s probably an excellent eye/hand coordination exercise, but the learning curve proved too steep for my needs.

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