What is Innovision?

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"Utilizing emerging XML-based protocol and web-services concepts, Innovision has converged the traditional ideas of application server and integration server, creating a platform to rapidly design, develop and deploy e-services."
My gut feeling is there are a lot of companies out there trying to get into the application integration market in similar ways. I lack a clear mapping of who fits where doing what (big infrastructure players such as Microsoft vs. niche vertical providers vs. whoever else). Innovision targets the financial and healthcare markets (and they started a while ago). It seems everyone is more or less able to do the same stuff. My guess is, differentiation will come from the traditional integration weak points: ease of implementation, reliability and scalability. But I need to get beyond intuitions there…
Update: vJungle, another one of these "end-of-all-worries" companies.
Two other companies I didn’t knew and found looking at my recent referrer stats: Certicom (mobile computing security), StyleClick (consumer merchandise distribution).
07/12/01 update: here’s yet another one: CrossWeave (not to be confused with Crossgain, just acquired by BEA).

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