What is Microsoft OneNote?

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"Microsoft OneNote is a new program in the Microsoft Office family that enables you to capture, organize, and reuse your notes on any laptop computer, desktop computer, or Tablet PC. It gives you one place to store all your notes and the freedom to work with them how you want. OneNote also helps you capture information in multiple ways and then organize and use it according to your needs."

Is this going to make it worthwhile to add a Wacom tablet to a desktop PC, to draw sketches, driving instructions or schemas? This speaks to the consultant I am.
We’ll see how well OneNote integrates with sharing platforms, from e-mail to blogs to Intranet repositories such as SharePoint. I’ll consider a pen tablet sometimes down the road for educational purposes anyway, and as part of my total digital platform ongoing project. The name itself obviously shows they have collaboration in mind (as opposed to… Notes.)
Since Microsoft doesn’t like to make the same mistakes twice (they love to experiment with new mistakes, which is not necessarily a bad thing), here’s the caveat about their user scenarios: "Note: Persons depicted and named herein are fictitious and provided for illustration purposes only." One could add: "no clueless PR person were harmed this time" (as opposed to the faux Switch to XP web page).
11/25/02 update: [Steve Gillmor] The Big Bang.

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