What is openCOLA?

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"No software system—no matter how sophisticated—can hope to reliably find all documents that a given person would find meaningful without some human intervention. Rather than envision a future in which fully autonomous software agents hunt for useful information, we envision a peer-to-peer platform in which agents act continuously but always within easy reach of a human who can correct their actions.
Hence, openCOLA is designed as a network of humans who interact via a system of semi-autonomous agent: our robots. Humans who craft useful robots and whose openCOLA nodes possess other valuable qualities such as high uptime and bandwidth are rewarded by the openCOLA network. Successful robots and the humans who create them become attractors for searches by others, and openCOLA has mechanisms for propagating and validating the reputation of such useful searchers."

Everyone agrees with the problems at hand, who will solve them?

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