What’s Up with the Google Toolbar and PageRank?

Why this modest blog (not updated in several days, I was enjoying a snowboarding extended weekend) would suddenly deserve a PageRank of 8, I have no idea. Other web sites I’m involved in just climbed up the scale. Maybe the rating scale has changed? I didn’t catch up on all my RSS backlog yet, so this might have been discussed elsewhere.
Update: I’m now at 7 (I was at 6 for a long time) and Happy Deflationist is back at 6 (it was at 8 too this morning.) This was probably just a temporary toolbar-related snafu.
Update: 8 for Web Voice again. What gives? OK, there are reasons why you can get different readings from the toolbar, but a PR of 8 is supposed to be awarded to outstanding authorities (I was glad to have a 7 at TEOF).

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