What’s wrong with RSS advertising? (Nothing)

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This thread shows some people still don’t understand there’s nothing such as a free lunch. If you want ad-free Socialist Paradise subsidized with Other People’s Money, come to France for a while, this will root out your illusions about how the world should work once and for all. The same people will probably whine about how "clueless publishers" don’t provide RSS. *You* get a clue and try to understand what a business model is. But I didn’t say RSS-embedded popups are acceptable, OK! Go for text ads with content relevant to your audience, and everyone except leninist leeches should be happy.
Tools to provide fee-based RSS feeds as an alternative to putting ads in said channels, now that would be productive. Just because I provide information in XML doesn’t mean I’m a charity you know, and I don’t accept forced enrollment into your Semantic Kolkhoz. If you don’t like my ads, unsubscribe, and if you don’t agree with how a publisher balances content and advertising, just tune out.
(Going with the fine tradition of refusing personal responsibility, blame this mad rant on an excess of coffee today.)

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