When Are Bloggers Off the Record?

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“The bigger issue raised is an important one for the blogging community — when, if ever, is something off the record for a blogger? I think for some bloggers the answer would be “never.” For those of us who are blogging in the context of our businesses, there has to be some more pragmatic line drawing. If companies that pitched me found the details of their businesses discussed on VentureBlog the next day, it wouldn’t take long before no one would pitch me. That said, business blogs are interesting because they are informed by the day to day business dealings of their authors. So I will continue to write about the things that interest me in my day to day life as a venture capitalist, but I will always be careful not to even push against the edges of confidentiality. Entrepreneurs are too important to the venture industry — I would not bite the hand that feeds me.”

As we’ve experienced recently, some people don’t get that.

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