Where did they go: Equill was acquired by Microsoft

So can you read on the portfolio page of one of their investors. Can’t find any confirmation elsewhere (not Microsoft, not Google).
02/18/02 update: Jason suggests that "perhaps Microsoft prefers to keep small deals like these under the radar?" That makes sense to me, if only because Microsoft might not even really know what to do with it yet. Like in, "hey, this looks cool, can we spare a dime and aquire them?" A dime for Microsoft being a couple million dollars.
Some of these acquisitions never turned out to much. If I recall correctly, DimensionX brought Liquid Motion, which became Vizact. Both were discontinued in 2000, and the whole DirectAnimation thing didn’t seem to go anywhere. Likewise, what ever became of CompareNet?
Let’s hope E-Quill will have a better fate, because they had a fine product. Maybe Microsoft will plug it into their CMS? Better that than a FrontPage add-on. Let’s see where founder Oliver Hurst-Hiller reappears.
02/24/02 update: it was announced on Equill’s site for a while, disappeared for a few days, and is now back on the front page.
06/08/04 update: Anil Dash: Bundling is not enough.
08/16/04 update: Gibeo community net annotation (for reference: Third Voice, Annotea)

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