What is SuperOpenDirectory?

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“is a project to create a new kind of Web directory, one that’s open in ways that no directory has ever been. […] The base format is OPML, and the protocol is HTTP. So if you can get an OPML file on a Web server, we can include it in the main directory on this site. The coolest thing about it is that if you change your directory, our “inclusion” will change to reflect it, within an hour of your changes. So, while this is just a start, it’s designed to grow, like a weed!”

So Dave Winer finally decided to launch a root directory. I’m still not sure many people want to edit directories, as opposed to blogs. The difference is not only that the former are not temporal, while most blogs are (though some are also topical). Directories are also a drier medium, hardly an expression form at all, while blogs allow you to be as personal as you want to be. The only directory I’m willing to edit is my bookmark list, but RadioUserland doesn’t integrate the browser the way Hotlinks and Backflip toolbars do.

11/21/01 update: looking at the near-empty DG, the idea didn’t get much traction.

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